Hi, I’m Piet. Welcome to my website!

A long time ago, I had to write an article about the Massacre in Hama, Syria. In 1982, Hafiz al-Assad ended a revolt of the Muslim Brotherhood by going all Dresden on the city, and killed about 30,000 people in the process.

When I first heard this, I thought that old Hafiz was just another bad dictator. You know, like Saddam Hussein, Gaddaffi, etc. – there used to be quite a couple in the region. But then I started to learn about Syrian history, and I discovered that the whole situation was a little more complicated than this.

So when I decided to write a book, I thought this would make for an interesting story. The back story of both the dictator and the country. That’s what my novel, Revolution, is about. It’s set in fictitious country in the Middle East, but I’m hoping that it gives a little more background on Islam and what’s going on the Arab world.

XowoX Publishing was kind enough to publish my novel. You can pre-order it as an eBook on Amazon.com and Kobo.com, or – if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK – as a hardcover on Amazon.co.uk.

I’m still building my world, and at this moment I’m working on a novella about the queen of Beledar. You can find an excerpt in the short stories. And there are some short stories about unrelated topics, and some blog posts.